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September Magic Session & Newsletter

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September Magic Session & Newsletter

Joel Howlett wrap up, click link to red full article.

Joel Howlett captivated members once again with his entertaining and very delightful lecture.  

A very engaging and enjoyable magic workshop and lecture had the room filled with much warmth and thrill from the good-natured, comical and very approachable Joel.

June Magic Session

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June Magic Session Click here to see Newsletter


There have been some changes within the management committee and to assist in enhancing the current and future operations a motion was made to reduce the number of office bearers. The constitution requires three positions and the current committee have put forward four positions. The original numbers of seven came with its challenges with quorums and being able to hold regular meetings. The new committee now consists of a President, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President with Dan, Peter May, Chuk and AJ filling the roles. Chuk will also be taking on the role of Grants Officer.


Recent preparations for funding have presented findings surrounding the alignment of dates regarding the EOFY and the AGM. To bring this into line the AGM is scheduled for the end of the year and not in the month of June. Date TBA.

Christmas at GCMC. Great fun and festive night.

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Introducing our New GCMC LOGO.

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Joe Lewis Magic March Session

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The March Session was fantastic with a WONDERFUL Workshop with the ONE and ONLY Joe Lewis.

Thank you Joe for your wisdon, knowledge and incredible presence!  We loved it!!!!

Successful Bunnings BBQ

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The Boys look so cool in their New Gold Coast Magic Circle Shirts.  They had a success and fun day at Bunnings Nerang.  Looking forward to the next one boys!!!!!

October General Meeting 10th October 2016

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 GCMC General Meeting Minutes Meeting Title: GCMC General meeting Meeting Date: 10th October 2016 Meeting Venue: Nerang RSL Apologies: Adrian Johns Agenda Items:Meeting open: 6.39pm 1. Minutes of the previous meeting: 10th August 2015 Business arising from minutes of previous meeting: Moved by Chris Bennett 2nd by Darin Cousin Carried: Yes President’s note: As all accurate records and minutes were unavailable the report from club meeting dated 10th August 2015 was read and accepted as a record. Inwards Outwards 1. Quote from Troy Logan for Web site 2. Quote from AON Insurance 3. Certificate of Insurances 1. Letter to AON Insurance requesting quotes 2. Thank you letter to Troy Logan 3. Letter to Bunning’s Nerang re BBQ 2. President’s Report President’s report presented by Dan. (Attached) Moved by Dan Brand 2nd by Darin Cousin Carried: Yes 3. Treasurer’s report read Balance as at 12th October 2016 $891.11 Moved by Michelle Riggall 2nd by Chris Bennett Carried: Yes 4. General Business: a) Development & Planning Objectives of the club were discussed. 1. To promote magic to the club. 2. Education of the youth in magic in order to raise their self esteem and increase work opportunities in the magic industry. 3. To pass on knowledge to keep the art of magic alive. 4. For members to grow as entertainers. Dan opened the floor to suggestions. Craig Ingham suggested we promote the club through free press as to what we are, who we are and what we do and to be proud of our club. Eventually gain the awareness of the clubs seal, logo & name to be recognised in the community as a club with great standards & excellence in performances. People may eventually use our web site as the go to hire excellent entertainers. Jeff Bennett put forward the idea to have a club t-shirt/uniform to wear to advertise & promote our club. Craig Ingham suggested doing charity work to get free publicity to gain the community awareness of our club. Or to try to organise an interview or newspaper article done on the club. Silloo put forward that now that we have insurance we can do group performances, whether for charity or for profits. Arthur Coghlan offered his magic trailer to use at charity events or performances. It is a trailer that converts to a stage. Bert Lyster put forward to start a mentoring programme for our up and coming entertainers/magicians. Silloo commented that it would also be great for amateurs of all ages to be able to access mentoring help or assistance. b) Logo, Marketing & Advertising Drew opened up the floor to suggestions on logo designs. Jeff Bennett has a friend who may be able to assist us with designing a logo if we give him a few ideas to go by. Craig Ingham suggested our logo be very simplistic. He suggested dove, cards but keeping it simple. Also spoke about incorporating the old fashioned & modern trends into our logo. Julie asked for people to email any ideas to our email address. Drew spoke about how our Web site is our shop front and asked for anyone to send any photos/materials we could post on these to help promote our club. Social media is now the forefront of business promotions now and we need to use this to help us get our name out their to fellow magicians as well as the public. Julie asked for any member to tag and share any thing they have with their performances and any information relevant to magic so it can relay back to our media sites. Drew asked for ideas on how we can create an interest for people to want to go to our web site & suggestions to create leads for them to want to actually explore our website. William Wu mentioned our web site is not updated, as it should be. We will be aware of this and keep it updated as best as possible. Drew asked if anyone had any knowledge on how to build web sites so until funds are available we can implement a temporary updated web site. Drew asked again if people can please like and share all our social media posts. John Pada suggested we create a You Tube channel as this is also a great avenue for searches. If we put videos on this channel with key words then it may let our club be found. John Lawson commented that we didn’t need a big flash web site costing us $2000 and commented that people would still view our site if it wasn’t flash and expensive. Jeff Bennett said some people will go by the front look of the web site and that we need to have it looking great. John Lawson let us all know that a well know magician Brendan Montana will be performing at Twin Towns over the next few nights and it would be great if we could go along and support him. c) Membership Julie introduced the new awards for the club. These will be presented twice a year. Most Entertaining, Encouragement Award, Most Creative Performance, Best Presentation Lawsoni Award – excelling to help others, going above & beyond. Once yearly. GCMC Outstanding Member – Perpetual trophy – Once yearly . Points system. Each committee member gives two points each at the committee meetings to a person who they feel is worthy of that particular award & totalled up prior to the award night. Lawsoni & GCMC Award tallied up over the 12month period. Craig acknowledged that this is a great idea for the club. Our trophies are made & sponsored by Bert Lyster. We acknowledged our appreciation by giving Bert life membership to thank him. We presented Bert with a Certificate. Presentations for first time members were given out. Craig Ingham, William Wu, Julie Collins, Jamie Shirman. Birthdays for October, Michelle Riggall was presented with a little gift & flowers. Julie opened the floor to suggestions on Memberships. Bert Lyster suggested having business cards to hand out at events to encourage kids who are interested in magic to come along. Peter May has a list of children who he has done a workshop for and will pass the list on to the club to see if we can encourage them to come along. Craig Ingham suggested a competition for upcoming new magicians. Jamie mentioned a round robin competition with six different tricks for members to perform. Chuck suggested maybe holding a talent quest. Craig mentioned keeping the magicians code and we thought this could be bought into the Membership form that when they join the club & sign this form this binds them to keep the secret of the magic that is revealed at our club. Holds all club members accountable. John Lawson raised the point that if he had bought six children along tonight they would be bored and never come back to the club. He said we need more magic & less formalities. d) Fundraising Mish talked about our fundraising ideas so far, which at this stage is only a Bunning’s BBQ. Drew reiterated that our raffle on magic session nights is important and it all helps support our club. Mish suggested a car wash, also approaching shops for vouchers to raffle off. Craig suggested corporate sponsorship to build the name of our club, thinking bigger like Gold Coast Nissan for sponsorship etc. They can for a certain fee have the naming rights and we give them a discount for our entertainers services Michael Pinter asked the question “how much money do we need past the memberships”? Dan answered that we would like to have a future plan to be able to give back to the members & also the public. Chris Bennett suggested joining our club with the Brisbane magic club as they have lots of funds in their kitty. Dan added that tonight was to get any ideas from members so we can steer the club towards what the members would like to see. Next General Meeting: 10th April 2016 Meeting closed: 7.47pm

Presidents Report General Meeting 10th October 2016 Thank you all for attending tonight’s meeting, I will keep my report brief so we can get to the fun part of the evening with our performer. I would like to give my acknowledgement to the founders of this club from when it started in 2012 and to all past and present committees and volunteers on their dedication and works to insure we keep a solid footing for the association. Change is never easy and certainly never quick therefore I don't expect to implement all our ideas and strategies in one term of office, but I do know we have the right combinations of talent on the committee who have sincere dedication for the growth of this club into 2017 and beyond. To date we have been focussing on operational procedures that are in line with our constitution. This has involved us becoming acquainted and for some, reacquainted with correct protocols. We have collectively created some new administration tools including formatted documents and new processes and procedures that have not only set a sound benchmark, but also given streamline operations for the current and future committees. We are reviewing the website and social media platforms so the association can take full advantage of the potential these tools hold. The association is now insured with a public and products liability cover. This allows us to apply for funding that we previously could not apply for including Bunnings BBQ’s and local and government grants. Plus it also allows the club to hold external events and hire facilities. We are reviewing and trialling new formats for the newly named Monday Magic Sessions where we want you the members to get the most out of. In doing so it is encouraged that you all have input here and a quick email to Julie the secretary with such is very welcome. The association’s logo is also under review and again we are open to all feedback. We have set up a PO Box in Nerang and the one club email address to ensure we are viewed upon with consistency and professionalism. The current committee are an extremely motivated and diverse bunch bringing a wealth of resources and energy to the GCMC that I am very proud to be a part of. There will always be variations of opinion, differences and debate and there's nothing wrong with that because there are no short cuts to any place that's genuinely worth going to.